Ryan Eanes


  Welcome to students, colleagues, mentors, friends and family alike!…

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Man working at desk

Wading into the academic job market

I will be the very first to admit that I…

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Fifty minutes to productivity

  Though I have purchased a couple of Tim Ferriss‘s…

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Protesting crowd

To strike, or not to strike?

For those of you who are familiar with the goings-on…

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Self-hacks to conquer procrastination

Let’s face it–all of us have struggled with procrastination at…

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Man at desk

Conquering comps

Yesterday I wrote¬†my final comprehensive exam, which essentially marks the…

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Fountain pen

Struggling with sentences

Now that I’m more than a year and a half…

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“Best” restaurants and social media

I’m mulling over a study idea related to the “best”…

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