Hello again

Hello sticker

If someone gave awards out for the most inconsistent bloggers on the planet, I’m fairly certain I would come close to the top of the list of honors–I started blogging (personally) as an undergraduate at Wake Forest University between 1999 and 2003, prior to the development of tools like WordPress or Blogger. I actually hand-coded all of my new entries into HTML and manually updated my archives, just because at the time there was no easier/better way of doing it.

There were several other personal blogs that roared to life but then sputtered, each with a fairly interesting-sounding name–Ryan Sometimes, 86th Street… and most recently, Gaussian Blur.

Yes, that’s right–I owned and operated GaussianBlur.org for a few years (now some sort of design-oriented event service–I gave up the domain name, probably stupidly), specifically the years right after I completed my MA in Media Studies from The New School. It was a fairly sassy and opinionated blog on design and media; I kicked up more than a couple of dust clouds, and initiated a feud at one point with one of the event committee members of AIGA/NY after bashing a (terribly planned) event that they held (in the dead of winter in an awful venue that clearly no one thought about)… but I digress.

I am now a PhD student at the University of Oregon (check the domain should you not believe me!) in the School of Journalism and Communication, and after discovering that UO offers a blogging platform, I decided that it would likely behoove me to begin an actual academic “trail of crumbs” for my thoughts… though I will at least make an attempt to contain them to the realms of communication, media and design.

…though I can’t make any promises.