Greetings from IAMCR

Céad Míle Fáilte! I’m in Dublin, Ireland for this year’s International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) conference. So far it has been a fascinating and engaging conference, and I’ve been trying to soak up some local culture as well.

The conference is being hosted by Dublin City University, and there are thousands of us here from all over the globe, including probably a dozen from the SOJC.

My presentation has already come and gone. On Wednesday evening I presented a paper entitled “Truly Magical: Advertising, Rhetoric, and the iPad” as part of the Emerging Scholars Network section of the conference. It received some positive feedback, and I’ve already made a couple of revisions and sent it off to a journal for consideration for publication.

The academic publishing process is a strange one. From what I understand, it can sometimes take a year or more from the time you submit a paper before it can appear in print, and that assumes that the journal accepts the submission in the first place. I’ve been feeling somewhat “behind” in terms of submissions; while I’ve finished a year of my Ph.D. program already, this is just the first article I’ve sent out for publication. (I am working on a second that I hope to send out by summer’s end, but that will hinge on our IRB’s determination regarding my data set.) And now that I can move this paper from the “Drafts In Progress” section of my CV to the “Submitted for Publication” section, I now have to start the process over again.

So, the next question… what will my next study be?