Regarding Charlottesville… I feel grossly inarticulate. I am stunned and horrified that such a thing could happen in the United States in 2017, and yet this is where we find ourselves.

I did grow up in the South, but was pretty far-removed from any significant glorification of the Confederate flag or white supremacy. I knew they were there–there was always a sort of undercurrent that never went away; you’d see the flag on the back of a truck, for example, or hear people make grotesque remarks. It may very well be the case that I was exposed to much more of this kind of thing than I actively noticed, because over time it just sort of became “white noise” (pun intended) that I tuned out.

I was clearly wrong to have done so, because that undercurrent of hatred, bigotry, bias, reductive and ignorant thought, and 100% pure unadulterated idiocy has punched through that thin wall that I had set up in my mind. There is a sickness running through the veins of this country–I can’t help but think of trying to draw blood but getting black slime instead. And I fear that things are only going to get worse, though I really hope I’m wrong about that.

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My office supply obsession, or better student confidentiality with labels

Anyone who has known me since childhood (and fortunately for me, that number is limited to just one or two folks outside of my immediate family) will tell you about how, as a kid, one of my favorite “games” to play was “Office.” Indeed, I played “Office” like many children play “House.” The constant influx of various pieces of stationery, void checks, stamps, forms, and used paper from my dad’s church office as well as my maternal grandparents’ seemingly bottomless supply of such things made it that much easier.

My obsession with all things office-related has persisted; my former boss can tell you how much I enjoyed placing our semi-regular orders with Staples, and I imagine my replacement at the office is still trying to figure out what exactly to do with an automatic numbering machine or the easel and white board that I insisted on procuring.

While I will likely never exhaust the tub of binder clips that sits on my desk at home (then again, my dissertation is a-comin’, so anything is possible!), one of my favorite tools is my Dymo LabelWriter 450 which I primarily use with my Endicia for Mac postage software–but I’ve recently discovered another useful trick for small plain labels which I can print using the Dymo LabelWriter software.

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